The Medical Field takes on Technology…Good or bad? You be the judge.


There are many ways technology has made advances in the medical field. For starters, basic technology has advanced the organization of medical institutions with the used of databases.According to the Huffington Post, doctors are benefiting  from the advances to electronic medical records, opposed to filing paperwork. That is because with one touch of a button, doctors are able to access all the care a patient has ever received and can figure out possible illnesses. As well  as, another benefit of this new technology is that it enables statistical documentation of the whole population. In retrospect, as everything goes digital and online,  this can cause for extensive security issues. There are concerns that hackers can access patients most valuable  information and use it negatively.  Database table

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As well as, technology has made movements with the scientific field to make advances in the medical field. For instance through the help of technology, scientist have created ways to grow fetuses, human body parts, clone human, and food in laboratories. There are many pros to these advances, however, there are also cons. One of many pros is that, if a person is in need of a limb, or body part for basic survival and there are no donor matches available, a doctor can use techno logic measures to create the needed limb or body part through “grafting”. These artificial body tissues are classified as new technological advances, that doctors, technicians and scientists still do not know the full effects they can have on humans in the future. So the question remains, does the good of technology and its advances in the medical outweigh the bad?


Image: Frank Wojciechowski/Princeton University 







Information Technology today, Global tomorrow…




There has been a lot of buzz of how IT jobs are able to expand the work field and give workers the opportunity to reach global heights. Is this true? Are IT jobs capturing the new definition of a “Dream” or “Ideal” job to have. Indeed.

It is declared that the current generation of tech savvy observers are going into careers in the IT field, for the fact that there are many job opportunities over seas. Take for instance, within the last decade, things have been really good in India when it comes to Information Technology. There has been substantial growth in this segment that has allowed many multinational companies or “MNCs” to set up their design and development offices in metros like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad. India is just one of many countries where companies have expanded their services and office to. According to Business News Daily, jobs that are in the Information Technology field are ranked on their list of top jobs that allow people to travel.

Other benefits of IT jobs are that these jobs are always in high demand/need. “Whether it’s a Network Engineer who looks at the company’s network or a Web Developer who designs and develops website and applications, these jobs are always in demand and growing.” As well as, there’s always a constant change which makes this field very exciting. But most importantly, there are great pay wages in IT. It is said that entry level positions can often start at $45,000 to $50,000!



Tap Tap Pay


The future of how consumers pay for everyday items will soon change.

Were you ever next in line to pay at the register and you start having difficulties finding your credit card in your purse. Or have you reached in your back pocket and can’t seem to find your wallet anywhere? The cashier along with the the long line of people behind you are getting frustrated and you still can’t manage to locate any of your cards. We all been through it. But now with the help of modern day technology- we may not have to suffer any longer. There is an updated wearable payment wristband created by Barclays, called Key Fobs, that can be attached to any flat surface, including a mobile phone. The bPay devices can be used by anyone with a registered Visa or MasterCard debit or credit card. This device includes an extra security measure, called tokenisation, which ensures that the card details stored on a phone are never passed to the retailer. In order to access your money on the bPay wristband, fund can be pre-loaded by adding money online, via a mobile app or by automatic top-up.

So the next time you’re at a register with this new wristband, you are no longer faced with having to rummage through a pile of junk looking for your credit card. All you have to do is tap your wrist on the card scanner, then POOF, transaction complete!

There’s a similar wristband device on the market that allows consumers to perform activities with their heartbeat! 

Nymi, which is a wristband that when you snap on, it is able to measure your heartbeat. This will “authenticate” you with the wristband, and allows the Nymi to interact securely with any of your connected devices. So if you have gadgets to “automate” with your home your Nymi can control those systems. This wristband can turn off your security system, adjust your thermostat, and turn on your lights all with your heart sensors. It can connect to your cars system and with a slight motion, signal it to open your trunk.


Drones the Modern Day Waiting Staff???


Will the “traditional idea of a waiting staff” become obsolete? Will people be replaced by flying drones that will carry food from the kitchen to the table? Who knows what the future holds, however, that is the route modern restaurants are heading!

Take a restaurant in Singapore for instance. Singaporean restaurant-bar chain Timbre is employing a fleet of flying drones as waitstaff for its live-music eateries. Earlier this month they have unveiled a new experiment to show the reliability of commercial drones bringing food and drinks to the customers.

To most the concept is bother some for the fact that robots are replacing humans, therefore, taking jobs away from people who need them. However, the future of drones and restaurants does not replace people at all!

According to Lui, “The drones help to eliminate the need for the restaurant’s wait staff to weave through the busy dining area, as they’re responsible for flying the food from the kitchen over the heads of hungry customers.”

He also says that the use of drones in a dining atmosphere allows for the waiting staff to have more interactions with customers, which will enhance their dining experience which will lead to better business.

I personally would pay more money to have drones deliver me food, therefore, I like where the future of dining is heading. I think this will eventually become reality in many restaurants and I am here for it! What a time to be alive.


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Will 3-D printing ruin the the Future of the Fashion Industry?


Grammy winning artist and fashion designer, Kanye West, definitely seems to think so!

Kanye West is an influential person when it comes to the future of the fashion industry. He is in the process of creating his own clothing line called “Donda”, that is already experiencing a lot of publicity from prominent fashion designers. He talks about 3D printing and how “it will ruin the fashion industry”, the same way that the Internet has ruined the music industry. He backs his claims due to the visit to the “Tumo Centre for Creative Technologies” in Yerevan, Armenia.” Upon his visit he was shown a 3D  printer and concluded that a machine will soon be the future for designing and manufacturing textile, opposed to actually people. The tour guide at the school told him that the printer machine does not do any of the designing, and that it needs a person to innovate those ideas. Kanye says he understand that, he just has concerns that, “There will come a time where it will be able to do just that”.

Other artist seem to think that 3D printing is expanding the horizons of the fashion industry. Take Katy Perry for instance, in this photo her backup dancers are seen here wearing 3D printed Helmets created by the use of LED technology. The creator/designer of the helmet, Jason Lopes, made a statement “Traditionally, it’s virtually impossible and very costly to produce such complex personalized pieces by hand, taking into consideration the time to work out the programming of the lighting elements. With Stratasys 3D printing technology, we were able to develop fully-illuminated pieces with a lightning fast turnaround of under a week. For developing one-off props for the music industry, this is revolutionary.”

3D printing is no doubt on the rise in the fashion industry. More fashion designers are incorporating 3D printing methods with their creations. I personally do not believe that 3D printing will ruin the fashion industry, however, it will lead to more innovation when it comes to design. I think that people will be able to think of what was before, considered to be “incomprehensible designs” and use the 3D printing machine as a way to bring their ideas to life. I think 3D printing will most definitely change the traditional idea of fashion and make it into something more modern. But isn’t that was fashion is all about? The yearn to create something different and create new styles for that time period. I think 3D printing will eventually be the future of the fashion industry.


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The alternative reality game shows you what you have posted onto a social site and can describe the type of person you are just through your posts. It shows your estimated income, your favorite phrases, your “stalkers” and even personality quality traits. I absolutely believe that their might be a more powerful/ better functioning example that is coded professional data miners because technology is so advanced where that is possible. I believe that their is an actual program that the government uses in order to categorize the citizens based on these social sites. So therefore, it leads me to believe that the sites that cater to these functions that are released into the public, is only the bare minimum of information that can actually be reached.

This says a lot about my online privacy. It basically says that I have no privacy. It is a reminder that everything that is posted online no longer has rights to you. You are not placed on the internet for anyone to view as well as for anyone to access your information. It goes to show that privacy should no longer be a term related to the Internet because quite frankly, it is a contradiction. Privacy on the Internet is non existence and to be honest, never existed in the first place. People need to be aware of sites like “DigitalShadow” because they’d be surprised as to how accurate a program can analyze you through data on the Internet. With that being said, it is creepy and alarming to say the least.