The Medical Field takes on Technology…Good or bad? You be the judge.


There are many ways technology has made advances in the medical field. For starters, basic technology has advanced the organization of medical institutions with the used of databases.According to the Huffington Post, doctors are benefiting  from the advances to electronic medical records, opposed to filing paperwork. That is because with one touch of a button, doctors are able to access all the care a patient has ever received and can figure out possible illnesses. As well  as, another benefit of this new technology is that it enables statistical documentation of the whole population. In retrospect, as everything goes digital and online,  this can cause for extensive security issues. There are concerns that hackers can access patients most valuable  information and use it negatively.  Database table

Image: David Stokes |

As well as, technology has made movements with the scientific field to make advances in the medical field. For instance through the help of technology, scientist have created ways to grow fetuses, human body parts, clone human, and food in laboratories. There are many pros to these advances, however, there are also cons. One of many pros is that, if a person is in need of a limb, or body part for basic survival and there are no donor matches available, a doctor can use techno logic measures to create the needed limb or body part through “grafting”. These artificial body tissues are classified as new technological advances, that doctors, technicians and scientists still do not know the full effects they can have on humans in the future. So the question remains, does the good of technology and its advances in the medical outweigh the bad?


Image: Frank Wojciechowski/Princeton University 







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