Drones the Modern Day Waiting Staff???


Will the “traditional idea of a waiting staff” become obsolete? Will people be replaced by flying drones that will carry food from the kitchen to the table? Who knows what the future holds, however, that is the route modern restaurants are heading!

Take a restaurant in Singapore for instance. Singaporean restaurant-bar chain Timbre is employing a fleet of flying drones as waitstaff for its live-music eateries. Earlier this month they have unveiled a new experiment to show the reliability of commercial drones bringing food and drinks to the customers.

To most the concept is bother some for the fact that robots are replacing humans, therefore, taking jobs away from people who need them. However, the future of drones and restaurants does not replace people at all!

According to Lui, “The drones help to eliminate the need for the restaurant’s wait staff to weave through the busy dining area, as they’re responsible for flying the food from the kitchen over the heads of hungry customers.”

He also says that the use of drones in a dining atmosphere allows for the waiting staff to have more interactions with customers, which will enhance their dining experience which will lead to better business.

I personally would pay more money to have drones deliver me food, therefore, I like where the future of dining is heading. I think this will eventually become reality in many restaurants and I am here for it! What a time to be alive.


  • Liu, H. (2015, February 17). Drone waiters are ready to serve in Singapore – CNET. Retrieved October 15, 2015.

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