The alternative reality game shows you what you have posted onto a social site and can describe the type of person you are just through your posts. It shows your estimated income, your favorite phrases, your “stalkers” and even personality quality traits. I absolutely believe that their might be a more powerful/ better functioning example that is coded professional data miners because technology is so advanced where that is possible. I believe that their is an actual program that the government uses in order to categorize the citizens based on these social sites. So therefore, it leads me to believe that the sites that cater to these functions that are released into the public, is only the bare minimum of information that can actually be reached.

This says a lot about my online privacy. It basically says that I have no privacy. It is a reminder that everything that is posted online no longer has rights to you. You are not placed on the internet for anyone to view as well as for anyone to access your information. It goes to show that privacy should no longer be a term related to the Internet because quite frankly, it is a contradiction. Privacy on the Internet is non existence and to be honest, never existed in the first place. People need to be aware of sites like “DigitalShadow” because they’d be surprised as to how accurate a program can analyze you through data on the Internet. With that being said, it is creepy and alarming to say the least.