Do you know who’s watching you?


When one uploads pictures of themselves online they are definitely make it easier for another person to search for them and locate their whereabouts. For instance when people tag you in a photograph and upload it on the Internet, that form of data will remain viral forever. Not only that, but it will have direct attachment to your name since, therefore when people want to look you up, that photo may appear. For instance, according to Lisa Vaas from Naked Security, “Sites like Facebook allows for tagged photographs that ultimately can have a negative affect in the sense that the photo contains inappropriate contents.” (Lisa, Vaas, 2013) This means that’s when you are tagged in a photo by a friend, you are at risk of showcasing yourself in a negative way if the photo is inappropriate. If a employer wants to find a potential employee through tagged media they’d be able to find that person extremely easily just by typing in their name and Facebook into a search engine.

            With the wearable technology such as “Google Glass” I do believe that there will be an increase in crowdsourcing surveillance because know one is to know whether of not they are being recorded of taken a picture of. If someone is unfamiliar with Google glass then they will unknowing be taped recording right in front of their eyes. Google Glass is an invention that allows for a glasses that is worn on the face to complete unsuspecting task. If people feel like by walking through a crowd of people and have then recorded inauspiciously, then I’m sure people will take that opportunity. When camera phones and camcorders were the go to way to record information, it was competed obvious if someone was video taping you. However know through goggle glass it is far less noticeable. I find this to be a problem because privacy will be violated when walking down the street. However it can be a security benefit because people will have cameras instantly to catch injustices by the police of criminals. (Voo, 2013)



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