Online Shopping


Yes, individuals and or organizations have a grave responsibility to the public to report any digital security failures. That is because it would be unfair for them to hide it from the public because then the victims of the “failure” would not have the opportunity to take proper precautions to try and protect themselves from any further harm. Take the TJX Breach for example; they had experienced a breach in 2009 because they did not follow the correct standards in order to protect their customers. The worst part was that they hid this breach from the public for a long period of time, which ultimately hindered the victims from helping themselves in the sense of contacting their banks in order to enhance protection and investigation. It was said that, “at least 94 million domestic and international accounts containing credit card, debit card, and check information. Ten months after, Visa said the hack cost it at least $68 million in fraud-related losses” (Mangalindan, 2012).

         Me being a customer definitely have the right to know if my personal information has been accessed. It would be especially alarming to see that money is being wired out of my account and no knowing where the source is coming from or how someone was able to gain access. If I am making transactions through a store front or online and someone has breached their system, I should be contacted immediately so I can take personal precautions. I don’t think it is fair for a company to selfishly hide the fact that their system isn’t up to standards while my information is being stolen. Although they will face consequences by telling the public that they are facing security issues, it is there moral responsibility to let me know if I am in harm. I chose their company because in some way I trust them to fulfill the utmost customer service. If they are hiding matters that concerns my well being they have failed and deserver to be shut down permanently for deceiving the public and causing distress to their loyal consumers.

         I would not stop making online purchases just for the pure convenience of not having to wait on line and search for hours through merchandise. Although it is said that “nearly $2.6 billion dollars is lost a year through online shopping fraud”, I would still take the chance for those reasons alone (Sullivan, 2004). In addition I would not stop participating in online shopping because I believe that risk can happen anywhere. I can’t live my life in constant fear of being hacked or harm in a financial way because if it doesn’t happen online it can happen at a government regulated ATM or bank. However, from reading the articles, for future transactions I will make sure to check my account statement to make sure everything is looking kosher. For me to change my opinion on online shopping I would have to be guaranteed to loose money or know that the website I want to buy from has horrible security protection. Also if the website is not FDIC approved in terms of protection and reliability. Some websites are clearly scams and those are the type of site I stay far away from.


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