Downloading (Victimless Crimes)


I strongly believe that downloading is a victimless crime. I believe that because the world is filled with rapist, murders and drug dealers, so I find it rather ridiculous that the authorities will waste valuable time looking for one who illegally downloads music or movies. The time spent investigating violators should be prioritized towards real crimes that cause death or harms to others. However, to society unlawfully downloading is a crime that is highly frowned upon. According to Jane Demerica, a writer from “Internet Technology 360”, she states that companies put a lot of money towards producing these materials, therefore, they would be considered the “victim” in the whole scheme of things. She also supports this idea with the statement, “When you steal something that denotes that someone else owns it. If someone else owns it, that person is the victim of the crime.” (Demerica, 2009)

Although I believe downloading is a victimless crime, I still consider it to be stealing. Under U.S. copyright law, illegal downloading could be punishable by up to five years in prison and $250,000 in fines (Knorr, 2010). The material that is being downloaded was created in order to make a profit. So when going around the transaction it is causes the business or individual to lose money instead of gaining money. Stealing is however, still a victimless crime because no one is getting physically harmed and these companies/ individuals do still end up recuperating money from advertisement and “word of mouth”, where people will probably purchase after experiencing of hearing about the quality of the product. Therefore I don’t believe one should get charged for downloading because at the end, companies still benefit in some way.




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