I believe that MOOC can work as an online learning tool because it gives the students the opportunity to limitless information. Online learning is extremely beneficial because firstly, it is very convenient and I personally find that I learn material better through online courses oppose to sitting physically in a classroom. I stand by that statement because when given work to do research on and having to look it up myself, I can memorize the material better then writing down and referencing written notes. Through online learning one can form multiple opinions and find infinite facts on a subject rather then being restricted to a textbook or a teachers personal notes. I also like the fact that MOOC is open to anyone; therefore data could be shared and expanded easily. MOOC also gives users the opportunity to access this information free and possible gain credit through courses when paying an institution.

When Sebastian Thrun founded Udacity at first he believe that it was a great tool for students to learn and broaden their knowledge. He states in an interview, “For instance, we now have tools to do very big data analysis. So what is the most up-to-date teaching we can offer people to become effective data scientists in corporations? That’s where we get by far the largest enrolment numbers and a lot of interest from our students.” He believed that online learning was a positive and beneficial concept. (Walters,2013)

However, now Thrun has a different view with online learning, now he said that “MOOCs not effective for undergraduate learning at all”. He in fact made a confession to Fast Company and he stated, “We’re not doing anything as rich and powerful as what a traditional liberal-arts education would offer you,” he [Sebastian Thrun] says. He adds that the university system will most likely evolve to shorter-form courses that focus more on professional development. “The medium will change” (Insights, 2013)



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