The type of information that I consider to be private, is basically social aspects. For instance, my only source of social media is that of Instagram. I have a private profile where I can personally approve or deny someone who is trying to view my profile. I post pictures that are not considered “professional” by any means of the word, however, if for some reason a job or important person was to view the content on my Instagram I would not be embarrassed. That is because at the end of the day anything that is posted onto the Internet is no longer truly private despite the privacy settings that can be issued. I believe that anything you post online can eventually reappear in the future (even when deleted) or end up  in the hands or someone who you didn’t intentionally want to see what you post. 

I do however find it uneasy when corporations or governments search you up online in hopes of finding something negative. At the end of the day, if I decide to hang out on the weekends with my friends and share a few drinks and broadcast it to my friends , I don’t think they should penalize me for it. If my resume and credentials alone does not prove I deserve the position then so be it, but if my professional and academic life is proven to be up to par then that should be the basis of me getting hired opposed to what is being posted on social media. If i can have fun on the weekend ends or on downtimes that does not necessarily make me a bad candidate for a company or a bad person. 


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