Twitter vs Instagram


In terms of “twitter” the pros is that you can physically write out exactly what is occurring. People are then about to re-tweet, favorite, and quote your post, which will then essentially get the word out faster. A single tweet can reach thousands of users in only minutes if people re-tweet enough.  Not only that celebrities and actually news accounts can reach the public through a tweet. More people are on their twitters then they are watching television now a days, so that means twitter has taking on a new responsibility of getting information out to a widespread amount of people (especially the younger population whom are more likely to use twitter instead of watching the news on tv) Twitter also has a an option where one can upload photos which can beneficial. However, the cons of twitter are that some times it can shut down, you have a limited amount of characters to get the word out. That is a problem because people might abbreviate and shorten the actually story to fit info into tweets.

In terms of instagram, the pros are that people usually have thousands of followers so each picture that is posted reaches many people. You are also able to add hashtags so people can search for an interest that will then attach to your pictures and profile. Instagram also allows for a lot of characters for the caption so the visual aspect and written aspect is attached which can preserve the quality of the message.  Instagram also has a video option, however it only last 15 seconds. The cons are that sometime instagram lags and that pictures does reach as many viewers as does twitter. 


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