The recent uprising that I decided to do further research on was that of the revolts in Egypt and Syria. As for Egypt, the people are fighting in protest against President Mohamed Morsi. The people are rallying against him in particular because he passed a temporary constitutional law that gave him unlimited power. There concerns are justly because since when should one people have complete control over thousands of people? Not only that, but the people were furthered upset because when Morsi withdrew his temporary ruling which had expanded his presidential authority and removed judicial review of his decrees, this in fact, resulted in the temporary declaration withstanding. When Morsi realized that people wanted to retaliate he acted in a spite way by leaking state secrets to Iran’s Revolutionary Guards as a plan to weaken Egypt. In this uprising media definitely took part in the downfall. For instance, news reporters where showcasing everyone’s anger which then motivated rebellion in the viewers of Egypt. People wanted to take part in the revolution which was sparked by the media. (“Morsi Accused of Leaking Egypt Security Secrets to Iran.”)

In Syria the people are revolting because at one point locals went to the streets to protest after 15 schoolchildren had been arrested and then tortured for being involved with graffiti. The government retaliated in a negative way by then shooting at the citizens of Syria. The government is not taking care of the people, in fact, they are harming them. (“What’s Happening in Syria and Will the Violence End?”) Once again the media has contributed to the revolution in the sense that the Syrian government is trying to put a ban on protesters’ use of social media and the Internet to promote their rebellion. In fact, officials are demanding protesters to turn over their Facebook passwords and switching off the 3G mobile network at times. These protestors are calling themselves the “Syrian Electronic Army”. (“”Seeking to Disrupt Protesters, Syria Cracks Down on Social Media.”)



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