STEM jobs



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Stem subjects are a plan for education that was introduced by the White House. President Obama classifies these subjects as a way to promote science, technology, engineering and mathematics (that’s what the acronym STEM stands for)(“White House Introduces Plan to Promote STEM Subjects in Education.”) It is said that by introducing a fundamental interest and academic teaching of sciences from an early age in students then they will struggle less in math subjects throughout their education careers. United States statistics show that students are falling behind in these subjects, therefore, they government is trying to implement a plan to help get students to achieve higher standards when it comes to the sciences, technology, engineering, and mathematics courses. They even implemented a “STEM Job Act” that allows for people from abroad to obtain jobs since they excel more in these students then Americans.  Stem Subjects are meant to create standards that allow a years curriculum to have a connection of core subjects with each other in order to “emphasis hands-on-learning” and so students can get a better grasp on subjects that will ultimately benefit them when trying to get jobs in the future. (“STEM Education Crucial to American Competitiveness.”)

In terms of pay, STEM jobs pay better then non-stem jobs and are in high demands. It is said that jobs tailored to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics nearly double in salary compared to other jobs. (“The Highest-Paying STEM Jobs For Recent College Graduates.”) Also, employers are looking for candidates who have a great background with those subjects. Jobs like nuclear engineers, marine engineers, and petroleum engineers are the top three highest paid jobs and they are STEM jobs. So it goes to show that STEM jobs are what graduates are trying to obtain because they pay better then other jobs. Now that technology and big data companies are growing, these subjects are needed to go above the standard radar because that is the direction America is moving.



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