Blog #3 (My intended major)


The major I am intending on studying is that of Computer Science. I chose this as my major because I have a past history with working with computers and technology in general. In high school, I was president of the robotics club and that really inspired me to want to have a future career working with machinery and programming. Computer Science was the perfect fit me for! In addition to my interest, my brother also studied a similar major at Syracuse University. His influence also contributed to me wanting to chose this major. Now that he graduated he first handily told me the benefits of having a degree in technology.

I can use this degree for the simple reason that the world is expanding through the use of computers. Businesses and companies all are using computers to evolve with the use of big data. I can use my prior knowledge along with my education at UAlbany to obtain jobs and help these companies grow.  With the use of programing I will be able to create useful programs that will hopefully one day become standardized. I want to help make technology even more efficient then it already is today.  In the near future computers will outsource even IT supports. They said in less then 20 year that’s a huge possibility. Although this sounds as a negative considering my major is basically that of IT support, I see it as a huge opportunity. I will be able to help regulate the robots since that is what I will be studying. At the end of the day humans hold all the knowledge that computers know, so if I will be able to program them, I will have a successful future. 


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