In my opinion citizenship is only a legality in the eyes of our government. I say that because the government treats citizens with bare minimal rights that are “granted” only for pure structure of the country. The minimal rights that are given, do not insure that we as “Americans” are considered citizens. At the end of the day the government continues to violate our “ unalienable rights” so how could we consider ourselves citizens at all? In some cases, people of different races and skin colors are treated differently in the eyes of political officials or “people of the law”.  Why is it that there are more African Americans in jail then there where African Americans enduring slavery in the 1800’s.  Why is it that in the constitution it says individuals are subjected to some forms of slavery when incarcerated? That shows that the staggering amounts of African American citizens who are placed in jails are still facing some forms of slavery to this day. Why is it that there are people who are extremely rich while there are people who are extremely poor. The extreme differences of economic well-being shows that the government does not cater to all “citizens”.  How can an individual be considered a citizen but is still being oppressed by the government? Why is it that the government refuses to grants their “citizens” human rights opposed to selective rights that we have today. This shows that citizenship is only a legality in the sense that it’s only proven because it is written on physical paper. Just because you can look up your “social security” in a giant book does not make you a citizen of this country for those very reasons.

There is such a thing as civic duty to a certain extent. To me civic duty includes helping a fellow neighbor in the time of need or trying to intervene when you see a threat approaching. Other than that, voluntarily fighting in pointless wars does not make you more of citizen than the next man. The government pushes for civic duty by displaying advertisements of recruitment on the television. These advertisements are tailored to make an individual feel imperialistic and patriotic. They end these commercials by waving the red, white and blue flag to show that you as an individual must fight and risk your life for your “grand ol’ country that cares about you”. Civic duty should be trying to make the country a better place by doing little considerate tasks for the people around you and not going to other countries and imposing terror on the innocent. How can you call yourself a citizen if public icons are pushing for destroying another country without batting an eye or shedding a tear but with a wave of an iron fist? That alone should make an individual feel unsafe and disposable. Why would the government treat their “citizens” any different if they can’t even respect the HUMAN RIGHTS of a citizen from another country? I was born in White Plains, New York in 1995 and to this day I can say that I don’t feel like my family and I are citizens of this country, We are just numbers that are at the mercy of the regime. 


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