Edward Snowden

  • Edward Snowden is an American computer specialist who is also a former employee of the Central Intelligence Agency, as well as a former National Security Agency contractor. He is most famously known for exposing top-secret government surveillance programs, more formally known as NSA (National Security Agency) documents to multiple media outlets. The information he leaked disclosed that the government is more involved in the privacy of the citizens then it should be. He revealed to the public that the government has insight on basically every aspect one does over the Internet and over the phone. He felt as if he needed to let the citizens know this information because the government is abusing their power and snooping in on more then they need to “conduct national security”. The documents showed collection of data from U.S. phone call records to search for possible links to terrorist’s abroad, as well as, surveillance of online communications to and from foreign targets to detect suspicious behavior. Snowden is currently living in Russia where they granted him asylum for one year that allows him to live, travel, and work there. He has also been offered permanent asylum by four other countries like; Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua and Ecuador. I think Edward Snowden did the right thing by the public. He had primary insight on the abuse taken by the government on the people and he felt the need to broadcast it. In his defense, why would the government even need to hide the fact that they are snooping so intricately on the private information? That waves a red flag to citizens because the government is not only interfering in peoples business but also they are lying to Americans by not openly telling us how far they are going with “national security”.  I don’t think he did anything wrong, I think he exposed information that was suppose to be known and disclosed by the government themselves from day one. 

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